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Euclidean Constructions
Made Fun to Play With

Euclidea is all about building geometric constructions using straightedge and compass. About doing it the fun way. With Euclidea you don’t need to think about cleanness or accuracy of your drawing — Euclidea will do it for you. But it’s also a game. A game that values simplicity and mathematical beauty. Find the most elegant solution — the one, which is built in the least possible moves, — and you’ll get the highest score.


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120 Tasks: From the Very Basics
to Real Challenges

To master something new you have to start with the very beginning. Euclidea will guide you through the basics like line and angle bisectors, perpendiculars, etc. It will offer you really complicated tasks only after you’ve learned the fundamentals. Inner/outer tangents, regular hexagons and golden section will become a real challenge even for those experienced in Euclidean construction.

Learn Your Constructions
by Moving Their Base Points

In contrast to geometric constructions you can draw on paper, Euclidea constructions are inherently dynamic. Simply select a Hand tool and drag one of the highlighted points. The construction will dynamically reshape as you move your finger on the display. It’s a fun way to get a deeper understanding of geometric constructions.


Unlock Shortcuts
for Complex Constructions

Some of the constructions you have to make are of particular significance — line and angle bisectors, and non collapsing compass to name a few. After you've learned one of those, Euclidea adds it as a shortcut to your toolbox. Shortcuts save you a lot of time and make for really clear and uncluttered drawing.

Perpendicular Bisector


Perpendicular Line


Angle Bisector

Angle Bisector

Parallel Line

Parallel Line




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